Arlene Wüstner

Wüstner,A105.993 -2aMy name is Arlene Wüstner. I am a student of Medicine at the Martin-Luther-University of Halle/ Wittenberg. Besides my studies I am working on my PhD with the topic “Research on the progress and care of children with Myotubular Myopathy”.

For this research project I interview families with affected children to get information on their daily lives with MTM. The motivation for this project lies in the experiences my own family made with the disease.

The outcome of this study should profide a first Information point about individual concepts of therapy and treatment for future families with a child who is diagnosed with MTM.

More information you can also find in our first newsletter (only in German)

For further information:

Arlene Wüstner, Goldborn 41B, 04741 Roßwein,

Prof. Dr. med. Hoffmann, Institut für Humangenetik, 06097 Halle,