Barbara K. Smith

Barbara Smith works in the Departments of Physical Therapy and Pediatrics at the University of Florida. She completed her physiotherapy training at University of Pittsburgh and earned a PhD in respiratory muscle physiology from the University of Florida.

The University of Florida team has been an international leader in clinical trials of gene therapy approaches for neuromuscular disease. Dr. Smith’s ongoing research focuses on evaluation of respiratory motor control and the effects of therapies to facilitate recovery for patients with neuromuscular disease and breathing difficulties.

Dr. Smith has also collaborated with Dr. Childers in characterizing measurements for pulmonary testing in the centronuclear myopathies, including XLMTM. One of her current projects is a study of respiratory muscle function in XLMTM, which is funded by Audentes Therapeutics.


Recent publications

David L. Mack, Karine Poulard, Melissa A. Goddard, Virginie Latournerie, Jessica M. Snyder, Robert W. Grange, Matthew R. Elverman, Jérôme Denard, Philippe Veron, Laurine Buscara, Christine Le Bec, Jean-Yves Hogrel, Annie G. Brezovec, Hui Meng, Lin Yang, Fujun Liu, Michael O’Callaghan, Nikhil Gopal, Valerie E. Kelly, Barbara K. Smith, Jennifer L. Strande, Fulvio Mavilio, Alan H. Beggs, Federico Mingozzi, Michael W. Lawlor, Ana Buj-Bello, Martin K. Childers (2017)
Systemic AAV8-mediated gene therapy drives whole-body correction of myotubular myopathy in dogs, Molecular Therapy [in press, DOI:]