Belinda Cowling

CowlingBelinda Cowling’s has focused on the investigation of the normal role of proteins in skeletal muscle, how these roles are disturbed in muscle disease, and identifying novel therapies for congenital myopathies.

Belinda completed her PhD at Monash University, Melbourne, Australia with Prof. Christina Mitchell, during which time she identified a novel regulator of skeletal muscle mass. She then moved to the IGBMC, France, to work with Dr. Jocelyn Laporte. During this time Belinda investigated the normal function of dynamin 2 in muscle, and how defects can cause centronuclear myopathy. They identified down regulation of dynamin 2 as a novel therapeutic target for myotubular myopathy.

Belinda’s research is now devoted to understanding muscle diseases and developing novel therapies, at the IGBMC in France.

Belinda contributed to the 2016 newsletter of ZNM-Zusammen Stark.




Presentations on family conferences

2016 Belinda gave a talk at the conference #TogetherEvenStronger.
Her slides can be downloaded here.

And this is her presentation:


Selected scientific publications