Markus Renno

Markus Renno is a pediatrician with Vanderbilt Children’s Hospital, currently training as a pediatric cardiologist. He earned his medical doctorate from the University of Arizona and completed his pediatric residency training at the University of Florida, where his research first introduced him to the care of children with CNMs. Since moving to Nashville, TN, Dr. Renno has continued to collaborate with Dr. Smith and the University of Florida team in studying the respiratory physiology in children with CNMs.

Dr. Renno split his childhood between the US and Germany, attending kindergarten and first grade in a small town near Stuttgart, close to his father’s family. Though most of his school years were spent in the States, he spent many summers and Christmas holiday breaks visiting Sersheim, making his Oma’s house as much “home” to him as any other place. Dr. Renno has a deep appreciation of both American and German cultures, and is excited to meet the German CNM family.