Italian Family Meeting

Here is a message from the Italian MTM-CNM families:

14 and 15 November 2015 … a weekend to remember for Italian MTM-CNM families. Following the example of many MTM families all over the world we decided to meet each other. We spent a whole weekend in Florence. We are few, but it is only the beginning. At the moment we are four MTM-CNM families but one of those was unable to attend the meeting. After the births of our sons we understood that alone we lose, instead together we win, we are stronger. The community is really strong and each of us can take something from the community, experiences, advice, support. Being a part of a community allows us to feel less alone in the fight against this disease. Furthermore, as a community we can look towards the world as a group and not as individual families. Based on our experience we urge all MTM-CNM families all over the world to search for other MTM-CNM families and gather in group. During this weekend we felt at ease; we shared the same problems, the same fears and the same experiences. It was fun to walk the streets of Florence together with ventilators, vacuum cleaners, oximeters!!!!
We agreed to meet each other again very soon in order to spend more time together and in order to start creating an Italian MTM-CNM organization, with the main purpose to raise funds and help research.

Greetings from Mattia and his parents, from Francesco and his parents, from Mare and his parents and also greetings from Cristian and his parents

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