Auf dieser Seite wollen wir vor zu den anderen Gruppen für ZNM verlinken.
On this page we want to link to other groups for CNM in other languages.

First to closed  groups on Facebook (you have to convince the admins…)

Interne Gruppe des Vereins ZNM – zusammen stark! e. V.

Myopathie myotubulaire / Myopathie centronuclaire en francais

F.I.M.M. – Famiglie Italiane Miopatie Miotubulari e Centronucleari MTM-CNM

Miopatia miotubularna /centronuklearna – grupa wsparcia

Grupo em português sobre miopatia miotubular e outros miopaties centronucl

Miopatía Miotubular (MTM) – Miopatia centronuclear (CNM)




Homepages in the Internet/ Open Facebook pages:


Offene Facebook-Seite: https://www.facebook.com/znmstark/

You-Tube-Kanal: https://www.youtube.com/znmzusammenstarkorg


Miotubularna miopatija hrvatski rjecnik


Italian/ Italiano

Miopatia miotubulare en italiano

You-Tube-Channel en Italiano


Spanish/ castellano

Sobre la miopatia miotubular

You-Tube-Channel en castellano


Polish / Polskie:


You-Tube-Channel in Polish

Our partner organisation in the UK: The Myotubular Trust

in addition on our page most of the information is available also in English

We have also have an English playlist on our you-tube-Channel:


In addition please refer to:

for links to  the organizations in the USA (Joshua Frase Foundation, MTM-CNM-Family Connection, RYR1-Foundation, WillCure) with whom we are also in direct contact and continuous co-operation)