Visit to Strassbourg

Today, October 21, Emil was invited to the IGBMC (Institut de génétique et de biologie moléculaire et cellulaire. We got to know the research group of Jocelyne Laporte and Johann Böhm and  explained how life is with myotubular myopathy.


Holger reports about a normal day in Emil’s life




Most of those present at the meeting (about 15) work for years in the field of congenital myopathies but did not yet meet any patient with MTM

Die Arbeitsgruppe (halb verdeck: Jocelyn Laporte)
The research group (partly covered: Jocelyn Laporte)

Jocelyne and Johann answered a lot of questions, e. g. the difference between Central Nuclear and Central Core Myopathy. There is now general information on our website and an essay from Johann about this (only in German).

Johann und Holger im (sterilen) Mäusestall
Johann and Holger in the (sterile) mice stables

We also visited the mice stables with the different MTM, DNM mice. We were shown how their force is measured after a treatment. There, we also got to know Valantina Lionello. She is from Italy and her Ph.D. is totally funded by the Myotubular Trust.

In der Mitte ist Valentina Lionello
Valentina Lionello is in the center

Jocelyn and Johann have already confirmed their participation in our family conference on May 7. Probably even more researchers from this team will participate!


P1010738 gut

A big group in a small lab!


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