Vistit to the IGBMC and Dynacure in Strassbourg

Belinda Cowling and Jocelyn Laporte in the IGBMC lab ((c) Myotubular Trust)

On March 24, 2016, members of  ZNM – Zusammen Stark e. V. and The Myotubular Trust met at IGBMC in Strasbourg to visit the laboratory of Jocelyn Laporte, where Myotubular Trust have been funding projects for a number of years. We had a tour of the IGBMC lab with Jocelyn Laporte, Belinda Cowling and Johann Böhm. Then Belinda Cowling presented the latest research findings on their project targeting DNM2  as a cross therapy approach to treating a number of forms of of centronuclear myopathy. This approach for a therapy could bring benefit for people with several CNM, caused in the genes MTM1, DNM2 and possibly even BIN.  More detailed information  can be found here.



We also met representatives of the company Dynacure, located on the same research park as IGBMC, and working in collaboration with Jocelyn Laporte’s lab. We discussed how our patient organizations and Dynacure can work together to provide the patient perspective in development work going forward. We all look forward to this dialogue continuing and growing.

The Dynacure managment, Jocelyn Laporte, Belinda Cowling, Johann Böhmof the IGBMC and Members of the Myobubular Trust and ZNM – Zusammen Stark! e. V.



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